VISITORS to the New Forest are continuing to flout the ban on barbecues and camp fires - despite the enormous damage they can cause.

Police spent the weekend visiting areas with a history of being scorched either by fires started deliberately or BBQs getting out of control.

Officers found the remains of a fire at Bolderwood, plus one at Fawley that was still burning.

A reported in the Daily Echo national retailers have joined the campaign to prevent disposable barbecues causing wildfires in areas including the New Forest.

Two years ago the National Park Authority (NPA) urged shops in the area to stop selling disposable BBQs after rangers had to extinguish 60 fires in one day.

In June last year Co-op decided to stop selling them in branches within a one-mile radius of national parks in the bid to stop wildfires.

Now Waitrose and Aldi stores across the country have taken them off the shelves.