A SOUTHAMPTON mum posted a "humiliating" naked photo of her ex on Snapchat.

During a row over money, Billie Morgan shared an explicit photograph of her former lover in the shower on Snapchat.

The 35-year-old told her victim: "I will continue to violate you until you pay my money you dirty tramp."

She launched a revenge porn campaign against him over a financial dispute.

The court heard that Morgan's victim claimed she was owed £80 by his friend because she supplied him cocaine but never paid it back.

The mother-of-three denied the money was for drugs and said she was just owed it.

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Daily Echo: Billie Morgan, 35, from Southampton.Billie Morgan, 35, from Southampton. (Image: Solent News)

It was heard that Morgan was in a "short-lived" relationship with the victim.

A couple of months after they broke up she began messaging him on Snapchat demanding money.

The victim received a voice note from Morgan and her friend saying they would "come to my house to smash my windows", it was heard.

Morgan sent the victim another voice note threatening to post a naked photo of him "all over Snapchat".

The victim told her "go ahead honey, I'm proud of mine". He sent another insisting Morgan "ain't getting money from me".

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Soon after, Morgan threatened her ex by sending him a photo of him wearing just shorts, saying "don't make me take the shorts off".

Daily Echo: Billie Morgan, 35, from Southampton.Billie Morgan, 35, from Southampton. (Image: Solent News)

She then said: "I will continue to violate you until you pay my money you dirty tramp."

Morgan then posted the lewd photograph of her former love interest.

At Portsmouth Magistrates' Court, prosecutor Graham Heath said: "It's difficult to say where it has gone, but it is thought to have been seen by more than one person."

Although the images would have expired on Snapchat, "they had clearly been viewed and captured by others".

The victim said: "I am embarrassed and distressed, they were clearly very personal."

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Howard Barrington-Clark, defending, said Morgan "struggles" as a single parent and said the money was not for drugs and that she was simply owed it.

He added: "She reacted in the way she did and there was immediate remorse and immediate regret."

District Judge Daniel Church sentenced her to a 12 month community order, ordering her to carry out 200 hours unpaid work.

Judge Church said: "On any version of events, you were owed money and you wanted to get it back.

"You made threats to post a sexual image of your victim, then ramped up the pressure with several other messages which suggests there was a degree of planning.

"You were threatening him with humiliation.

"Then you posted an image of him in the shower and caused him distress."

Morgan also admitted stealing £140.80 worth of meat from M&S in Gosport with a male. She didn't face any drugs charges.

Morgan, who was emotional as she exited the courtroom, was also ordered to pay £250.40 to cover court costs and compensation to M&S.

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