A PENSIONER has described the horrific moment his pet dog was attacked and "nearly killed" by a much larger animal.

Rob Jones, 76, said three-year-old Josh was lucky to survive after a Husky-type dog ran across a Southampton park and sank its teeth into his neck.

Josh needed 15 stitches with Rob and his partner, Lyn Bulman, left facing a vet's bill of more than £900.

Daily Echo: Rob Jones and three-year-old Josh, who was attacked at Bitterne Manor ParkRob Jones and three-year-old Josh, who was attacked at Bitterne Manor Park (Image: Lyn Bulman)

The former Southampton Airport worker said the other animal was being exercised by a young boy when it got loose and hurtled towards them.

He added: "It came out of nowhere and grabbed little Josh by the throat. He ended up under one of the benches, which is probably just as well. If he'd remained in the open I've no doubt he would have been killed."

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The pensioner recalled seeing a "tremendous flurry of white fur" followed by the sound of Josh screaming during the attack in Bitterne Manor Park.

As he rushed to his pet's aid the boy managed to get the other dog back on its lead with a friend's help.

He said: "After it was all over Josh got under my car, which was parked a few yards away. He was absolutely terrified.

"The vet who operated on him rang us to say his wounds were much worse than he thought. We really had to keep our fingers crossed because of his horrific injuries.

"We're absolutely heartbroken at what's happened to Josh. He's still terrified every time he gets into the car.

"I called the police and the person I spoke to was very sympathetic, but at the end of the day it was a dog-on-dog attack."

Daily Echo: Mr Jones says Josh was left with a necklace of stitches round his neckMr Jones says Josh was left with a necklace of stitches round his neck (Image: Lyn Bulman)

Rob, of West Wellow, said an animal welfare officer at Southampton City Council had been in contact with the other dog's owner.

He added: "She has promised to pay for Josh's veterinary treatment but I haven't received any money, even though it happened on December 20.

"I just want some sense of fairness and responsibility.

"This was a very serious incident in which Josh was nearly killed. A young lad shouldn't be allowed to walk that dog."

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A police spokesperson added: "We received a report of an incident involving a dog that had bitten another dog at Bitterne Manor Park. No crime has been identified."

The council said it was still investigating the incident and was unable to comment at this stage.

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