TWO New Forest ponies have been killed in separate accidents at the same junction.

The ponies, both Shetlands, died three days apart in collisions that happened on the B3054 at Norleywood Crossroads near Lymington.

The first victim was found at 8am on February 2 after being involved in a hit-and-run crash.

Another Shetland was killed at the crossroads on February 5.

On the same day, a filly was badly injured on the Ashley Walk to Deadman's Hill stretch of the B3078 and had to be destroyed by one of the New Forest agisters.

Two other accidents happened at Main Road, East Boldre, and on the C10 at Vereley. In both cases, the animal involved could not be found.

All five collisions appear on the latest weekly list published by the Verderers, who record animal accidents.

The Forest's free-roaming animals are all owned by people known as commoners - villagers with the right to let their livestock graze the landscape.

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