CIVIC chiefs have unveiled a multi-million-pound plan to transform Southampton Outdoor Sports Centre into a nationally-renowned facility.

The city council has submitted a planning application to redevelop almost every aspect of the 150-acre centre, which was built in the late 1930s.

Council bosses say the proposed development will provide a "hugely diverse" mix of facilities that will improve access to a wide variety of sports.

Daily Echo: The centrepiece of the scheme is a community hub housing a cafe, gym, and multi-function roomsThe centrepiece of the scheme is a community hub housing a cafe, gym, and multi-function rooms (Image: Southampton City Council)

The centrepiece of the proposed development is a large "community hub" building boasting a cafe, gym, multi-function rooms and changing facilities.

Council bosses are also planning "significant improvements" to the Alpine Snowsports Centre, including a new ski lodge with a reception area and party rooms.

The scheme includes a 240-seater grandstand, a new netball and tennis hall, and a family zone equipped with an outdoor gym.

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As reported in the Daily Echo the city council has been awarded £20m to upgrade the 85-year-old complex at Thornhill Road.

Now the authority has submitted a planning application that reveals the full extent of the project.

Daily Echo: The scheme comprises new facilities and improvements to many of the existing onesThe scheme comprises new facilities and improvements to many of the existing ones (Image: Southampton City Council)

A planning statement that accompanies the application says the site needs to be improved for the benefit of leisure users as well as people taking part in competitive sports.

It adds that the scale and quality of the scheme will provide sports clubs in the city with better access to top-class facilities.

The new-look centre will also act as a "huge draw" to sports teams at a national level, further enhancing the city's reputation.

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Council chiefs are confident the proposed improvements will result in more people visiting the site to enhance their physical and mental health.

The statement says: "There's a high probability that the increased use of the facilities could see a decrease in the likelihood of people developing health problems.

"Existing buildings on the site are generally of poor quality and there is a requirement to replace these with new, fit-for-purpose, sustainable facilities."

Daily Echo: An aerial picture of the 150-acre site at Thornhill RoadAn aerial picture of the 150-acre site at Thornhill Road (Image: Southampton City Council/LK2)

The scheme comprises a combination of new structures and improvements to many of the existing ones.

A public consultation carried out by the city council in 2021 resulted in 2,545 responses and revealed "overwhelming support" for the planned improvements.

The statement says: "Overall, 97 per cent of respondents confirmed they would like to see improvements at the centre and 93 per cent agreed with the proposals that have been put forward.

"All aspects of the proposals received a high level of support."

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