Plans for a 5G mast have been rejected after a wave of opposition from residents.

Over 48 neighbours in Hill Head blasted the plans for the mast at the junction of Hill Head Road and Crofton Lane.

The proposals, lodged by CK Hutchinson, included the erection of a 15m pylon along with three cabinets.

They were rejected by Fareham Borough Council last Friday.

It comes after residents raised concerns that the mast would impact the natural aesthetic of the area.

Daily Echo:

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Fellow resident, Mary Booth who lives just feet away from the site said: “I strongly oppose the application to erect an extremely tall 15m mast and cabinets directly outside my property and only 13m from my house.

“The mast would be in close proximity to the bedrooms and would be continually receiving and emitting signals.”

“The position of the mast would damage the aesthetics of the area and would create an environmental scar.”

Another resident, Murray Davies said: “The proposed site is a small but valued green space close to the seaside, popular with walkers and visitors alike to the beach, particularly in the spring with a splendid display of daffodils.

“Locating a mast here will undoubtedly ruin its appeal”.

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'The location is really inappropriate'

David Lawley of Pilgrims Way said: “I am not against the mast itself but the proposed location, it is really inappropriate, the 'telecommunication boxes' will reduce line of sight for vehicles emerging from Crofton Lane and Hillhead Road junction.”

A resident of Cliff Road also argued the proposed location would have an impact on traffic.

“It is on a busy junction with an awkward corner where unimpeded sightlines are essential”, they said.

The plans were rejected on the grounds that they would have a “significant adverse detrimental” impact on the appearance of the area.

Council officers also stated there wasn’t sufficient evidence to demonstrate the applicant considered the use of existing masts.