A commuter has raised concerns over safety on a stretch of motorway undergoing repairs for months on end.

Nick Nicholson said he has witnessed several ‘near-misses’ on the M27 bridge over the River Hamble.

A 50mph speed limit has been in force in the area since a car hit a nearside barrier on the approach to the bridge last November.

But for Nick, the ongoing speed restriction has made the road more dangerous rather than safe.

Daily Echo: Nick Nicholson Nick Nicholson (Image: Nick Nicholson)

The 62-year-old postman said: “So many people stamp on their brakes very suddenly as they are coming down at 70mph or 80mph.

“I have seen many near misses on the bridge.

“It seems to be causing more problems than there needs to be.”

The crash into the safety barrier prompted a wider inspection of the whole bridge, according to National Highways.

Investigations into the damage began in November.

Daily Echo:

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When asked about the extent of the damage to the bridge, National Highways stated that the safety barrier was affected.

But in a statement provided to Councillor Seán Woodward, executive leader of Fareham Borough Council, last month, the highways authority said there was ‘significant damage’.

Cllr Woodward shared the response from National Highways on Facebook.

It reads: “Upon close inspection, it was found that the parapet was suffering from internal corrosion and hence could not be repaired and required full replacement.

“Steel barriers were installed to the front of the damaged sections with 50mph speed limits put in place to mitigate effects of traffic weaving in advance of the lane closure.

"Further assessment identified that the corrosion would potentially be unable to contain a car travelling at 70mph, and hence the speed limit was reduced to 50mph on the other side of the carriageway.”

The Daily Echo put the response given to Cllr Woodward to National Highways, but the authority declined to clarify the details.

Gemma Luckhurst, National Highways programme delivery manager, said: “We have traffic management and speed restrictions in place for safety on both sides of the M27 between junctions eight to nine.

“This is due to damage to the safety barrier and because we are carrying out investigations of the bridge supports.

“The restrictions will remain in place while we determine what repairs are needed.”

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Nick said: “I have never seen anybody working on the bridge. Although I travel at night, that’s when you would expect them to do the work, but I have never seen them.

“And when I’ve travelled in the day, I’ve never seen anything happen.

“I am hoping National Highways solve the problems on the bridge and repair it properly.”

On its ‘Report a problem’ website, National Highways says both parapets along the bridge need to be replaced and necessary parts have to be ordered.

The authority says it aims to install these in September, though the schedule is “variable” and “subject to change”.

The 50mph limit will remain until the parapets are replaced.