Motorbike owners in Hedge End are being urged to upgrade their security following a spate of thefts.

Police are asking bikers in the area to take the necessary steps to prevent their vehicles from being stolen.

A police spokesperson said: "We have continued to see reports of motorcycle thefts, so we are trying to reach as many residents as possible to get our crime prevention message out."

In a message to potential victims, they added: "Always lock your bike.

"Consider subscribing to a vehicle tracker service, or GPS tags. Tags might not be as accurate, but they may give us a lead we can start from.

"Have an alarm and immobiliser fitted – it's almost certainly worth the investment.

"When leaving your bike for some time, try to lock it to something secure. Don't leave helmets or other possessions with your bike.

"If possible park your bike in a locked garage, out of sight from passers-by."

Officers say they are investigating the recent reports of bike thefts and are "actively looking" for suspects.