The speed limit on a stretch of the M27 has been reduced again as long-awaited repair works get underway.

Commuters travelling on the motorway bridge over the River Hamble have been subject to a 50mph limit.

This has been in force since November last year after a car ploughed into a barrier on approach to the bridge.

But the speed limit has now been reduced to 40mph as National Highways finally repair the broken barrier and parapets.

Greg Stone, route manager at National Highways, said: “We are carrying out repair works on the M27 River Hamble bridge further to the accident [that caused the] damaged and defective parapets in both directions.

“So we can do this safely, there are currently narrow lanes and a temporary 40mph speed limit is in place.”

Works are expected to last until next year, with lane one closures and a 50mph limit remaining in place in both directions at junction eight of the M27 until summer 2024.

This is due to the deterioration of the bridge supports.

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One concerned commuter, who wished to remain unnamed, said the new 40mph speed limit is not beneficial for all drivers.

He said: “What a waste. The M27 is now a very dangerous motorway due to lorries and other vehicles not respecting the restrictions in place and the visible 50mph limit.

“But the new, temporary three narrow lanes and 40mph limit is sometimes proving a challenge for commercial lorry drivers to reduce their speed and driving control to match.

“The overhead gantry matrix signs conflict the 40mph by sometimes displaying 50mph.

“I’m sure it will all be good in the end but the timeline to achieve this has probably been a little excessive and overdue for all concerned.”