Danny Robins’ award-winning West End play about the supernatural makes a seat clenching entrance to Southampton.

Starring Doc Martin’s Joe Absolom alongside Charlene Boyd, Nathaniel Curtis, and Louisa Lytton of EastEnders fame, 2:22 A Ghost Story is a claustrophobic thriller that questions your belief in the paranormal.

The two-hour runtime centres around housewife Jenny (Lytton), who believes their new family home is being haunted by a ghost – at 2.22am each night – as footsteps circle her new-born's cot and a man’s voice cries over the baby monitor.

When Jenny and her husband Sam (Curtis), host a dinner party for two friends (Boyd and Absolom), the fearful mother – convinced the house is haunted – persuades her dinner party guests, one of which is a believer in the supernatural, to stay until 2.22am to see what happens and end her internal nightmare.

The evening takes several twists and turns as the sceptics among the group try to disprove the theory of ghosts, though it proves more challenging than they might have initially imagined.

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Daily Echo:

Clocking in at two hours with an interval – the play moves at a swift pace – confined to the open plan living room of the ‘haunted house.’

2:22 A Ghost Story is to be seen to be believed, as it’s a thrilling showcase of the unknown with four actors at the top of their game.

Consistently in the mood of being scary without turning into a full-blown horror, there are several disarming laugh out loud moments to relieve the audience of nerve shredding tension.

There is the occasional jump scare that will make two thousand people flinch in unison, with an effective use of lighting that illuminates the auditorium.

Each member of the cast gets to take centre stage in a real group effort, with it being difficult to identify who the solo lead of the story is.

Much of the dry humour of the narrative comes from Absolom, who without fail has the audience chuckling in the right moments.

2:22 A Ghost Story is a brilliantly written and acted suspense thriller with a shockingly satisfying story arc that lingers long after the curtain has come down.

“Remember… don’t tell anyone the secret!”