Another three animals have been killed on New Forest roads as shorter daylight hours continue to take their toll.

A bay mare was injured on the B3055 at Sway and had to be humanely destroyed by one of the agisters employed by the New Forest Verderers.

The pony was wearing one of the glow-in-the-dark collars that aim to prevent accidents by reflecting car headlights.

A bay gelding was hurt on the B3056 near the Limewood Hotel at Lyndhurst and also had to be destroyed.

The other fatality was a bay gelding that was killed outright on the C10 Marlpit Oak to Setley Road.

A pony was involved in an accident on the Spring Bushes to High Corner road. A search was carried out but the animal could not be found.

One of the accidents happened at 6am and all the others occurred between 5.25pm and 9.20pm.

November and December are often described as the worst two months of the year for animal accidents in the Forest.