A disgruntled customer has vowed never to set foot in KFC again after biting into a ‘black’ chicken wing.

The 24-year-old purchased a 10-piece hot wings meal from KFC in Millbrook.

After scoffing down part of the ‘buckets for one’ meal, he was put off indefinitely from it.

The Southampton resident, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Echo: “I bought the meal and had a couple of the wings before biting into another one that was pure black.

“I can’t even describe it, it just tasted off.

“I wouldn’t recommend for anyone to eat there.”

The customer then asked staff if he could have a refund for his meal, before the manager explained they weren’t able to issue one, instead offering him some more chicken.

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“I couldn’t believe what they were telling me,” he said.

“I’d just eaten a piece of chicken that was disgusting, and they were offering me more!

“I just saw one of the members of staff look at me and walk off as if to say she knew but couldn’t do anything about it.”

Unable to get a cash refund, the 24-year-old claimed he was ‘spoken over the top of’ by the manager, before the latter ‘set off an alarm’.

“I just asked him politely if he could let me speak and he just continued to talk over me.

“I think he panicked and raised his voice before pressing some sort of panic alarm and I walked out, I’d had enough.

“I’m done with KFC; I didn’t eat a lot there anyway, but I’ll never go back there again.”

In a statement, a spokesperson for KFC said: “Fresh, responsibly cooked chicken is what we do best at KFC and this picture actually shows what our chicken looks like when it has been marinated in hot spicy sauce, making the cooked meat pink!

“We reassured the customer of this and replaced the wings as a gesture of goodwill.”