A pair of jeans have been found in the sewers in Southampton, sparking a call to watch what you flush down the toilet.

Southern Water has issued the call following the strange finds from the water firm's ‘Unflushables’ team - including false teeth, mobile phones and the head of a pickaxe.

The utility company has the task of keeping sewer networks free from fat, oil and grease.

Dropping wet wipes and kitchen grease down toilets and sinks causes sewer blockages and pollution incidents, it said, which could lead to internal sewer flooding.

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The pair of jeans was recovered by the ‘Unflushables Team’ in Southampton, and just down the road in Portsmouth, the metal pickaxe end was pulled from the sewers.

Both Southampton and Portsmouth have a combined sewer, which means the surface water and wastewater go in the same pipe – causing some items to be carried into the sewers from heavy rain.

Matt Collins, Field Customer Engagement Officer said, “We’ve had some unusual items found in the sewers, including false teeth, mobile phones, toys and even an inflatable life jacket.

“Other strange items include a set of Christmas tree lights and mobile phone, from the same blockage.

“The only things that should be flushed down the toilet are the three Ps – pee, poo and paper. For everything else - bag it and bin it.”

Southern Water have cleared out more than 6,000 tons of wet wipes and unflushable items in just an 8-month period.

The company has stated that the sewer blocking situation has improved in recent years with sewer blockages in 2023 being reduced by 20 per cent compared to previous years.

It clears more than 23,000 blockages a year with 66 per cent of blockages being categorised as preventable.

Roots have also been citied as a common cause of blockages as roots will grow through many materials such as brick, concrete, plastic and clay pipes.

The roots grow through and enter the pipes causing the start of a blockage.