A former commando who was injured in Afghanistan has grown a £5m company by selling the oil that eased his pain.

Ex-boyband star Farard Darver, 45, of Lymington, suffered a leg injury after his vehicle hit a Taliban trap. He tried everything for his aching leg and finally discovered cannabidiol (CBD).

Cannabidiol is a chemical found in the cannabis plant but without the psychoactive THC element.

Farard gave up the chance of being promoted to Colonel and left the army, investing everything he had into a business selling his brand of CBD.

Daily Echo: Farard Darver, who runs Healthcare International Research, is a former commandoFarard Darver, who runs Healthcare International Research, is a former commando (Image: Healthcare International Research)

Healthcare International Research was launched in 2019 and went from strength to strength selling HEMPE for health and wellness and MotherSage for beauty and skincare.

Farard has since turned down "eye-watering" offers for the company.

The entrepreneur moved to Ireland at the age of 11 when his father became one of Ryanair’s first pilots. After leaving school he sang with boybands Men2B and Area 4, supporting Westlife and other stars.

Farard later worked as a solo artist before joining the Royal Logistic Corps and ultimately becoming a Green Beret Commando.

He completed two operational tours of Afghanistan but his injury resulted in three operations on his left leg, culminating in a hip replacement.

Daily Echo: Farard Darver, is a former commando and boyband star who now runs a company selling CBDFarard Darver, is a former commando and boyband star who now runs a company selling CBD (Image: PR)

Farard, whose business is based in Wimborne, Dorset, said: "My best friend suggested trying CBD oil.

“He was living in the Czech Republic where the healing effects of CBD were discovered in 1955 and it was really good.

“Although I stayed in the army after the first two operations I was never the same and after using CBD decided to leave and set up my own business – the CBD was that good.

"I invested everything I had. I even sold a ring and bracelet my father had given me for my 18th and 21st birthdays.

"Just as I launched the business Covid came. It was hard, but the products became really popular because they're entirely natural and unlike other CBD oils you don’t ingest them.

“There's no need to swallow anything - you just rub it onto your skin.

“Getting injured in Afghanistan thwarted my ambition of joining the special forces but I used the tools the army gave me to plan and launch the business.

“Natural, toxin-free products that actually work are what people want and the proof of that is in the success of the business."