An arrested man who escaped from police at a Southampton hospital, sparking a six-day hunt, is back behind bars.

Anthony Arnold went on the run for almost a week after being arrested for hurling a slipper at his mother Mariel, causing a minor injury to her face.

When he was arrested, he told officers he had taken an overdose of Paracetamol and was driven to University Hospital Southampton.

Arnold was being unloaded from a cage in the back of a police van when he ran off on Thursday, August 10, triggering a major search.

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Paul Fairley, prosecuting, told Southampton Crown Court that two incidents led to his arrest.

Arnold's mother was at home watching TV on April 30 when the defendant arrived and demanded to be let in.

When she ignored him he climbed onto a balcony and smashed a window with his fist before getting down and running away.

On August 10, he called his mother "useless" and threw a slipper at her, causing a bruise below her right eye.

Mr Fairley said: "He was arrested the same day and taken to the police station, where he told custody staff he had taken an overdose of Paracetamol and was suffering from abdominal pain.

"The police had to take what he said at face value and took him to hospital.

"As he was being unloaded from a cage in the back of the police van he jumped down and sprinted away. He remained at large for a week before handing himself in."

Officers descended on Hollybrook Cemetery and surrounding roads, including Olive Road and Vine Road, in pursuit of Arnold on the day of his escape.

Arnold, 23, of Chiltern Green, Millbrook, admitted criminal damage, assault, and escaping from lawful custody. An allegation of robbery with withdrawn by the prosecution.

Holly Fagan, mitigating, said the defendant had a toxic relationship with his mother. He had often been "kicked out" of her home and now had no intention of ever going back.

The court heard that Arnold had been in custody since handing himself in on August 16.

Ms Fagan said: "Prison has been a real reality check for him and he's very keen to turn the corner. The probation service is confident that he could be managed in the community."

But Recorder Gordon Bebb jailed him for a total of 33 weeks, including 29 weeks for escaping from lawful custody.

He told the defendant: "You are obviously very volatile with your mother. When you don't get what you want, you get very violent.

Referring to the incident at the hospital he added: "You slipped out of the handcuffs and then handed yourself in six days later."