The Met Office has warned that snow is possible in the New Forest today as the cold weather continues.

Throughout the morning residents can expect temperatures ranging from 1 to 2 degrees Celsius, dropping to as low as -4 overnight.

But this will feel more like -2 in the day and -6 at night once wind chill is taken into account.

The day will be mostly cloudy, with a 10 per cent chance of sleet, but with clear skies overnight and sunny spells tomorrow morning.

A spokesperson for the Met Office said snow was possible for the south: “On the cloudy side in places at first, especially in the south with some isolated sleet or snow is possible across southern counties.

“Turning drier later, with cloud slowly clearing eastwards, but staying cloudy.”

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They added: “Tonight, any lingering patches of cloud will clear away.

“Dry and clear during the rest of the night but remaining cold with a severe frost and icy patches.”

Here’s an hour-by-hour forecast for New Forest over the next 24 hours.

12pm: Light cloud, 1 degrees

1pm: Light cloud, 2 degrees

2pm: Light cloud, 2 degrees

3pm: Light cloud, 2 degrees

4pm: Overcast, 2 degrees

5pm: Overcast, 2 degrees

6pm: Overcast, 2 degrees

7pm: Overcast, 2 degrees

8pm: Light cloud, 1 degrees

9pm: Light cloud, 1 degrees

10pm: Partly cloudy, 0 degrees

11pm: Clear skies, -1 degrees

12pm: Clear skies, -2 degrees

1am: Clear skies, -2 degrees

2am: Clear skies, -3 degrees

3am: Clear skies, -3 degrees

4am: Clear skies, -3 degrees

5am: Clear skies, -3 degrees

6am: Clear skies, -3 degrees

7am: Clear skies, -3 degrees

8am: Clear skies, -3 degrees

9am: Sunny, -2 degrees

10am: Sunny, 0 degrees

11am: Sunny, 1 degrees