Just as one storm passes, a new one comes along.

Southampton was battered by gusts of up to 55mph yesterday as Storm Isha swept across the UK wreaking havoc in parts of the country.

A severe amber alert for wind was extended to include the south coast as gales intensified in the evening and into Monday, causing widespread disruption to public transport.

Ferry services between Southampton and the Isle of Wight were suspended while speed restrictions were put in place along the South Western Railway network, leading to delays and cancellations.

The wet and windy conditions have been replaced by sunshine today but this welcome break from the recent bad weather won't last long. 

A new storm named Jocelyn by the Irish Meteorological Service will bring heavy rain and strong winds to the UK on Tuesday and into Wednesday.

Fresh yellow warnings for rain and wind have been issued by the Met Office alongside an amber alert for western and northern Scotland.

While none of the warnings cover the south coast, heavy downpours are forecast in Southampton for much of tomorrow, easing off into the afternoon.

Gale force winds will also hit the city, getting stronger as the day goes on and reaching 42mph in the evening.

Below is an hour-by-hour forecast for Southampton from the Met Office.

Hour-by-hour forecast

12am - clear, 25mph winds

1am - partly cloudy, 22mph winds

2am - partly cloudy, 21mph winds

3am - partly cloudy, 20mph winds

4am - cloudy, 21mph winds

5am - cloudy, 19mph winds

6am - cloudy, 20mph winds

7am - light rain, 22mph winds

8am - heavy rain, 24mph winds

9am - heavy rain, 29mph winds

10am - heavy rain, 33mph winds

11am - heavy rain, 35mph winds

12pm - heavy rain, 36mph winds

1pm - heavy rain, 37mph winds

2pm - light rain, 36mph winds

3pm - light rain, 36mph winds

4pm - overcast, 38mph winds

5pm - overcast, 40mph winds

6pm - overcast, 40mph winds

7pm - drizzle, 42mph winds

8pm - overcast, 42mph winds

9pm - overcast, 42mph winds

10pm - light rain, 42mph winds

11pm - cloudy, 41mph winds