A dog sitter was caught on camera trying to have sex with a Great Dane he was supposed to be looking after.

Graham Robinson was house-sitting the six-year-old pet while its owner and her 12-year-old daughter were on holiday, Southampton Crown Court heard.

The incident happened in Southampton, according to court documents.

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Daily Echo: Graham RobinsonRobinson was unaware they had installed a security camera so they could keep an eye on the property while they were away.

The daughter was watching some of the footage on a mobile phone when she saw Robinson try to penetrate the dog, the court heard.

The judge, Nicholas Rowland, described the defendant's actions as an "abomination".

Tom Wilkins, prosecuting, said Robinson, 51, of Shore Road, Hythe, was entrusted to house-sit the dog in May last year.

He added: "The video was left running so the owner could monitor the house.

"To her and her daughter's great distress, they saw the defendant attempt to penetrate the dog.

"It was recorded on video and it was quite plain what was happening."

Daily Echo: Graham Robinson keeps his head and face covered as he leaves Southampton Crown Court after beingIn a statement read by Mr Wilkins, the dog's owner said she installed the camera because she had a "gut feeling" that Robinson would not "respect" the house.

She added that Robinson's act had "completely ruined" her daughter's birthday, which fell during the holiday.

"She has been left with horrifying images," she said.

"The dog has been jumpy ever since the incident and always looks sad. I feel sad and angry all the time."

Robinson, 52, of Shore Road, Hythe, admitted trying to penetrate an animal.

He told the probation service he had drunk ten glasses of spirits and two beers on the day and had also used cannabis, but had not touched alcohol or taken drugs since, the court heard.

Robinson, who was not represented in court, said: "I'm sorry I did what I did.  I can't believe it - it's shocking. I'm devastated."

Judge Rowland told the defendant he had committed a gross breach of trust.

He added: "You attempted to penetrate a dog that had been entrusted into your care. It was an abomination. It's incomprehensible to behave in this way."

After studying a pre-sentence report, the judge handed Robinson a two-year community order, including a requirement to complete 200 hours of unpaid work and 40 days of rehabilitation activity.

He added that the defendant was almost sent to prison, saying it was a "close run thing".

It was not heard in court how Robinson ended up being chosen as the dog sitter.