The director of a family-run private hire firm at risk of losing its licence said mistakes were made because of the sudden growth of the company.

Cab My Ride boss Arjan Sahota spoke before the Licensing Committee at Southampton City Council yesterday as councillors decide on whether to revoke the firm's licence.

It comes after a private hire driver drove 1,000 miles with damaged brakes and still carried on after the vehicle’s licence expired, according to council papers.

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 Cab My Ride could have licence revoked over complaints

The shocking incident only came to light following a string of complaints against the company.

The other complaints quoted in the council report include wheelchair users being overcharged, children being driven to and from school in an unlicensed and damaged vehicle and questions about the conduct of the former director, who resigned in 2020.

The company’s director told the committee that the private hire firm had seen a doubling in trips in the last couple of years and that many of the mistakes made were a result of large growth.

However, he apologised and said they were trying to 'gain back the trust' of the community.

Addressing councillors, Mr Sahota, accompanied by his sister Amandip, his attorney and other employees said: “I would like to apologise to everyone.

“I understand there have been mistakes over just a few years. I can only apologise on behalf of the company.”

He told the committee that he is working hard to 'make things right and to gain the trust that the council has given us to serve our local community in Southampton'.

The committee heard that in 2019, changes were made to address the issue which meant the firm’s booking app was charging disabled passengers a premium.

It was also said that following the findings about the driver using a vehicle with damaged brakes and without a license, a new system has since been made to make sure that drivers have all the necessary documents and the vehicles are up to date.

Mr Sahota’s attorney told the committee: “If a business of any description rapidly increases there must be a reason why, they must be doing something well.

“It has expanded because people want it and drivers are prepared to work with it."

He added: “There have been a number of complaints over the years, but it is reasonable to assume that as you grow you will see more complaints.

“You heard the evidence today that it was human error coupled with failing in the system and we would suggest that Cab My Ride have done everything in their power in order to try to run around the failings that were exposed by their expansion.”

Following the hearing, the committee then gathered in private to make a decision, which is due to be published today.