Home to the Titanic, a rich medieval history, and with thousands of cruise passengers from all over the world passing through Southampton each year, the city has a wide range of visitors.

However, those that visit the city aren’t necessarily always pleased with what they find, while others might be amazed by just how much they enjoyed their stay.

Here are seven of Southampton’s best TripAdvisor reviews.

‘Better than Portsmouth’

Daily Echo:

The city of Southampton has always had a long-standing rivalry with its Hampshire neighbours Portsmouth, not least when it comes to football.

So Sotonians might be pleased that one TripAdvisor reviewer took to the internet to share their delight at the city’s superiority.

Giving a four-star review of Southampton, the user wrote: “The shops were better than Portsmouth and the food in Nando's was good.”

‘P*** filled stairwells’

Daily Echo:

If one visitor’s trip to Westquay was a delight, someone else was rather less enthusiastic about the shopping complex, complaining of a smelly stairwell in the car park.

They wrote: “Car park payment is like hell on earth.

“The shops are good, but car parking and lifts are dire.

“Like the old council car park, p*** filled stairwells… rank.”

‘Skiing isn’t risk free!’

Daily Echo:

Southampton might seem like an unlikely destination for skiing lessons, but Alpine Snowsports Southampton offers just that activity not far from the city centre.

One TripAdvisor reviewer had a memorable experience of visiting the centre, but for all the wrong reasons.

They wrote: “Be careful if you’re doing the ‘learn to ski’ on a day course.

“I fell and broke my thumbs; skiing isn’t risk free!”

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‘As helpful as a chocolate kettle’

Daily Echo:

For over two decades, St Mary’s Stadium has been the home to Southampton Football Club and created countless memories – good and bad – for thousands of fans in the city.

Unfortunately, one particular fan experienced the latter when they visited the stadium, writing: “Yes, lovely pitch, when we finally got to see it as our two OAP season tickets wouldn’t scan.

“The stewards were as helpful as a chocolate kettle, and we had to go back to the ticket office.”

Here’s hoping this user was cheered up by the result at full time.

‘Who’d have thought bricks could be so interesting!?’

Daily Echo:

One tourist gave Southampton a five-star review after visiting The Brickworks Museum in Swanwick.

Though it seems they underestimated just how much fun they could have whilst on their travels.

They wrote: “Who’d have thought bricks could be so interesting!?

“This museum is brilliant, showing the history of bricks and brick making, illustrated with the equipment that was used, and the stories of the businesses and people involved.”

‘Spidey senses’

Daily Echo:

One American couple took to TripAdvisor to share how they felt ‘uneasy’ when visiting Southampton’s historic Town Walls.

After taking photos the couple began to feel worried, they might be the target of potential thieves who could have been following them.

Fortunately, with their ‘spidey senses up,’ they managed to travel further into the city centre and avoid being the victim of criminal activity.

‘Grim, hardly a fitting tribute’

Daily Echo:

The final TripAdvisor review comes from one visitor who was less than impressed with the location of Holyrood Church.

Taking to the review platform, they wrote: “Didn’t want to get out of the car.

“It’s next to a grim strip club and a Wetherspoons, hardly a fitting tribute to a lost place of worship.”