Campaigners monitoring animal accidents in the New Forest are celebrating the lowest January figure for at least 18 years.

New Forest Roads Awareness (NFRA) has confirmed that the first month of 2024 saw only two collisions.

A donkey was killed at Sway Road, Brockenhurst, on January 4 and a pony is thought to have been hit on the B3054 on January 30.

But no other animal accidents were reported, despite the shorter daylight hours.

Posting on social media, NFRA said: "Over the last 18 years we have never had a January with only two accidents in the month. Yes, that is two too many, but it has historically been much worse.

"Let's hope this January is the start of a year where fewer commoners get 'that' phone call.

"Multi-agency work is still going on to reduce the amount of people breaking the speed limit, although speeding is not the only reason for these accidents.

"We hope our posts help in educating people about the risks of driving on roads where there is free-roaming livestock."