Plans to dismantle a small part of Southampton’s industrial heritage have been given the green light.

The city council has supported a proposal to remove a redundant weighbridge at Elliotts builder's merchants in Millbank Street.

A council report said its ecology officer had raised no objection but said the work should be undertaken between September and February to avoid any impact on nesting birds.

The officer added: “If work needs to take place within the nesting season checks for active nests should be undertaken no more than 24 hours before commencement.

"If active nests are found demolition will need to be delayed until after the chicks have fledged."

The report added: "The principle of demolition is not under consideration because the demolition of this building is permitted development.

"The proposed method of demolition is considered reasonable and appropriate. The proposals for site restoration are also acceptable having regard to the site context and previous approval.

"Furthermore, the demolition will not have an adverse impact on species protected by law."