A councillor has said she is 'disgusted' at the food being served at a Southampton school after the headteacher called out the food caterer.

Jason Ashley, headteacher at Redbridge Community School, has slammed his school's catering company Chartwells, and said if the food had been served to his children he would be 'exceptionally unhappy'.

In a letter, apologising to parents, Mr Ashley also included pictures of the food being served to staff, he said he hoped parents would be ‘as angry and disappointed as me’.

Daily Echo: A selection of the food which has been criticised by the headteacher  and parents of Redbridge

A spokesperson for Chartwells apologised that 'in this instance, our usual level of service has fallen below the high standards we demand'

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Now, Cllr Sally Goodfellow, a ward councillor for Redbridge, said: "I am pleased this story is getting the attention it rightly deserves.

"I’m disgusted with what the catering company Chartwells are supplying to the children. For some children, this may be the only hot meal they get all day. "

She added: "I have reached out to Mr Ashley to help support him getting another contractor in to supply food to the school.

"Due to the school being a PFI school this may be a challenge but I’m hoping the school can terminate the contract as this surely must be a breach of contract. 

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Speaking to the Echo, a parent slammed the “downright disgusting” food that has been served by the school’s catering company.

A spokesperson for the Chartwells said: "We are committed to working in collaboration with the school and are implementing an immediate action plan to rectify these issues."

It added there have been some operational challenges at this site which are unusual and which it is working to address.

This includes some staffing challenges in recent weeks which has temporarily impacted service levels however it said it has put in place a project team to rectify the issues at the site.

It added the meal price at this school has not increased in the last two years despite an exponential increase in costs caused by inflation and rising food prices and that all portion sizes adhere to the School Food Standards – there has been no reduction.