It was a season enjoyed by Totton Youth fans - not quite so much for followers of a local team which finished with a goal difference of -255.

In the realm of local Southampton football, Totton Youth Club football team stood out as a formidable force around 70 years ago, commanding respect and attention with their skill and prowess on the field.

To commemorate their victory in the 1954/55 season, the Totton squad assembled for a formal team photo and proudly displayed their championship trophies earned by clinching the top spot in the regional league.

Known for its exceptional athletic abilities, Totton Youth Club was highly regarded for its success in both football and cricket. Each year, the club held a lively event at the Masonic Hall to recognise and honour the achievements of the previous season, awarding cups and trophies to the deserving winners.

In 1961, Totton Youth Club achieved further success by emerging victorious in the Hampshire Boys’ Clubs knock-out tournaments for both football and cricket, solidifying their position as sporting behemoths of the region.

Daily Echo: Totton Youth football team on 1954/55.

Presenting the trophies were Ted Bates, manager of Southampton Football Club, and Hampshire cricketer Derek Shackleton.

The Saints’ manager said: “This is the second year running that this club has won this competition. Not only are they a credit to Totton, but a credit to Hampshire football generally.’’ Totton showcased its diverse athletic prowess in 1966 by emerging victorious in the Army's youth shooting contest, beating more than 30 other youth clubs hailing from various regions in the southern area.

Back in 1954, the under-17 football team known as the Crow’s Nest faced some tough competition from Totton Youth Club in the Southampton league. During the initial ten matches, the team struggled to find the back of the net, managing to score only four goals.

Back in 1954 another side, the Crow’s Nest under-17 football team, was not quite up to the Totton Youth Club standard of play, as in the first ten matches of the Southampton league they scored just four goals and – wait for it – had 259 goals put past their goalkeeper.

Daily Echo: One of Totton Youth's presentation eveings.

Back in 1954, a different team, the Crow’s Nest under-17 football squad, found themselves struggling to match the skill level of the Totton Youth club.

Over the course of the initial ten matches in the Southampton league, they managed to score a mere four goals, while an astonishing 259 goals were knocked past their goalkeeper.

In a match that was likely never forgotten by the Crow's Nest team, they faced a formidable opponent consisting of energetic youngsters from Pirelli General and were handed a resounding 0-45 defeat.