A Totton-based military training facility has been featured on the BBC.

On Tuesday night a special video package of, MCPT, a military preparation and training college – which has a centre at Totton College – was aired on The One Show, showcasing the vocational opportunities on offer at the facility, particularly for young women seeking a career in the military.

The 39 MPCT academies across the UK use army barracks as classrooms to train the next generation of soldiers and individuals in the uniformed services.

The segment explored the alternative educational opportunities for adults and young people across England and Wales and how the academy equips students aged 16 and above for a career in the forces.

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The clip also emphasised that MPCT’s instructors are all ex Armed Forces personnel with years of military experience.

One of the instructors, Dale Gardener, stated: “It’s a very unique course.

“We try to mix everything with the military values and standards.

“Learners come from very different walks of life – some really struggled in school, so we help to nurture them individually.”

After watching the short film, long-time presenter of The One Show, Alex Jones remarked: “That looks brilliant. Where can I sign up my children?”