If you're curious about house prices in the Southampton area and where the most expensive places are then Savills can help with that.

Data from the real estate company has revealed the five streets in the area that have the most expensive houses on average.

Savills created the list from Land Registry data based on average second-hand sales over 10 years up until November 2023.

Additionally, the estate agents only included anything that had a sample of 10 or more sales over the period.

5 most expensive streets in Southampton

The average sale price over the period of 10 years up until November 2023 saw five streets have a value of more than £650,000.

1. Bassett Heath Avenue

Average sale price: £765,550

Number of sales in time period: 10

2. Ardnave Crescent

Average sale price: £714,100

Number of sales in time period: 10

3. Abbotts Way

Average sale price: £699,200

Number of sales in time period: 10

4. Greenbank Crescent

Average sale price: £658,500

Number of sales in time period: 12

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5. Bassett Wood Drive

Average sale price: £650,233

Number of sales in time period: 20

Most of the expensive streets were located in the northern neighbourhoods of Southampton away from the city centre itself.

The suburb of Bassett contained a few of these, which is perhaps not too much of a surprise, as it was named the most expensive area in Southampton in 2023 based on figures from the Office for National Statistics.

Houses had a median value of £300,000 among the 185 sales in that area during the prior calendar year.