Redbridge Business Park in Southampton has been refused consent to retain an "eyesore" canopy.

The site is on the southern side of Old Redbridge Road, between the Totton bypass and the Redbridge Causeway.

A planning application to retain the canopy sparked several protests.

Quoting comments made by objectors, a city council report said: "It has been an eyesore from the time it was erected, without planning permission, and has become not just grubby but covered in mildew.

"This structure has been here long enough.

"It dominates the skyline in an unsightly manner in what is a conservation area. Old Redbridge is an area with a long history and this building does nothing for it."

The report added: "Due to its poor materiality and finish, and its imposing size, the structure dominates the approach to Old Redbridge Road (a historic thoroughfare) from the north by both car and rail; and the western end of Old Redbridge Road.

"The structure fails to maintain or enhance the character of this part of the street scene to the detriment of visual quality and amenity."