A motorbike and car have crashed on a busy main road in Southampton.

On Monday, police attended a crash between a motorbike and a car on Bursledon Road near the Upper Deacon Road junction in Thornhill. 

A spokesperson for Hampshire police said: "We were called at 3pm on April 29 to a collision between a car and a motorbike at the junction of Deacon Road and Bursledon Road. No injuries were reported."

The incident did cause some worry and confusion for drivers, one of whom reported seeing a motorbike on the pavement without a front wheel.

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One unnamed driver, who passed the crash site on Bursledon Road, said: "I was shocked by what I could see as there was a motorbike laying on the pavement without its front wheel. 

"There was a police car and an officer talking to some pedestrians. I hope that all those involved are safe."

Despite motorists reporting the crash looked serious, police have confirmed that no injuries were reported.