Southampton has been ranked as the eighth-best city in the UK as part of a new global quality index.

The Oxford Economics’ new Global Cities Index has judged the 1000 largest cities in the world against five factors.

These are Economics, Governance, Human Capital, Environment and Quality of Life.

Each category is comprised of multiple indicators to provide a complete picture of a city and allow for the best possible comparison.

The top 10 best cities in the world and the full dataset can be found on the Oxford Economics website here.

Daily Echo: Southampton featured among the top 150 cities globallySouthampton featured among the top 150 cities globally (Image: Newsquest)

Southampton ranked among top 10 cities in the UK

Southampton was ranked in 126th place on the overall list, which meant it was the eighth-highest UK city featured.

London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Bristol, Glasgow, Cambridge and Birmingham were the only other UK representatives to feature above it.

Out of the 1000 largest cities in the world, Southampton placed 72nd for Governance, which was its highest-ranked category.

Elsewhere, it was 145th for Economics, 193rd for Environment and 195th for Human Capital and Quality of Life.

Discussing the list, Mark Britton, Director of City Services at Oxford Economics, said: "Whilst we forecast cities to continue to fuel global growth and drive global competitiveness over the coming decades, each city is different and understanding their unique characteristics is crucial.

"Our Global Cities Index provides a consistent framework for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the largest 1,000 cities across the world, and when coupled with our forecasts, it enables organisations and policymakers to make more informed strategic decisions."

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Southampton was also commended in a list from Resonance Consultancy which ranked it among the top 50 cities for residents and tourists in Europe.

It was said to boast "Europe’s ninth-most educated residents" due to its two universities and had strong "economic resilience".

Additionally, it was ranked 29th in the firm's overall Prosperity index and ninth for Disposable Household Income.