The former home secretary, Suella Braverman has apologised that her party "didn't listen" in her victory speech when retaining her seat in Hampshire.

In her winning speech the Conservative MP for Fareham and Waterlooville thanked her team and her family but apologised to voters on behalf of the Conservative Party.

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After returning a much-reduced majority, she said: "There is only one thing I can say - I'm sorry. I'm sorry that my party didn't listen to you. The Conservative Party has let you down.

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"You voted for us over 14 years and we did not keep our promises. We have acted and we need to learn our lesson because, if we don't, we will have many worse nights to come.

"The country deserves better and I will do everything in my power to rebuild but we need to listen to you - you have spoken very clearly."

Braverman retained her seat with 17,561 votes.