Newly-elected Labour MP Darren Paffey has said he will prioritise cleaning up the River Itchen and breaking down barriers to opportunity for Southampton people. 

The new Southampton Itchen member of parliament said he is "incredibly excited" after winning the seat of the outgoing Conservative Royston Smith. 

Mr Paffey received 15,782 votes in Itchen, while Conservative candidate Sidney Yankson got 9,677 votes and Reform's Alex Culley secured 6,853.

He overturned a majority of almost 4,500 to turn the seat red for the first time in since the Tories won it in 2015.

Former council leader, Satvir Kaur secured the Southampton Test constituency for Labour after former MP, Alan Whitehead, retired. 

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Speaking to the Echo after victory, Darren Paffey said: "Being a member of parliament is something that only 650 people in the country get to do so I feel really privileged.

"But this is not about glamour, this is not about privilege, this is about work that needs doing for our city and for the country so I am just absolutely committed to Labour’s plans, Labour’s missions.

"One of my priorities is around cleaning up the River Itchen. We see that far too much sewage is going into that and it’s making it really unpleasant when it should be one of the most beautiful parts of the city.

"I really want to work with schools, with businesses to bring them together and ensure that every child growing up in Southampton has fantastic opportunities and a great future ahead of them.

"Obviously I won’t agree with everyone and everyone won’t agree with me at all points but what I want to be is clear in what I am doing, what I am seeking to achieve and honest about the difficult path ahead of us in order to get back to economic stability, get our NHS back on its feet, break down those barriers to opportunity.

"All of that will take time, but I know it’s going to be in the interests of everyone whoever they voted for."

Southampton Itchen MP, Darren Paffey after winning his seatSouthampton Itchen MP, Darren Paffey after winning his seat (Image: NQ)

Across the city, Satvir Kaur won 15,945 votes in Test, with Conservative Ben Burcombe-Filer winning 6,612 votes.

John Edwards of Reform won 5,261 votes beating Katherine Barbour of Green and Thomas Gravatt of the Liberal Democrats.

Ms Kaur said: "The people of Southampton have made me who I am and tonight they made me their member of parliament and I am completely humbled.

"For me, being an elected representative, especially being a member of parliament is a bit like a marriage.

"You’re with that community through thick and thin and it was only going to be Southampton if I was ever going to run as a member of parliament.

"I am not your traditional politician, I don’t look like one, or sound like one, or possibly act like one sometimes.

"I’m a working-class kid from our inner city who grew up on free school meals. I’m the daughter of a market trader and our great city and brilliant people made me who I am and tonight they made this local girl their member of parliament.

"All I would say to any young person, irrespective of what they are hoping to do, I would say keep dreaming and keep believing.

"To everyone that put a cross by my name, thank you for putting your trust in me and the Labour Party."

Southampton Test MP, Satvir Kaur after winning her seat.Southampton Test MP, Satvir Kaur after winning her seat. (Image: NQ)