An elderly couple have been left devastated after a car smashed into their garden wall in the middle of the night before speeding off.

Edward and Pauline James, from Totton, were woken at around 2.20am on June 30 by a neighbour after the incident.

The 92 and 88-year-olds, who have lived in Sunset Road for over 60 years, have been left “really upset” over the ordeal which may cost up £10,000 to fix.

Despite there being CCTV footage showing the moment of the crash, they have now been told by the police that they won’t be taking any action as there is insufficient evidence.

Edward, 92, and Pauline James, 88, from TottonEdward, 92, and Pauline James, 88, from Totton (Image: NQ, Jose Ramos)

Speaking to the Echo, Edward said: “It has really upset us. I still want to cry now. Police took no notice of it and have said just they can’t do anything about it.”

Edward, a retired French polisher, added: “I heard the door and thought who it was at the time of the morning. When he told me I nearly cried.

“We both couldn’t go back to sleep afterwards. We just had a cup of tea afterwards.”

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Pauline explained she had spent a lot of time in the garden, saying: “We worked hard on those flowers. And it all just came crumbling down.”

The 92-year-old grandad added: “I would’ve understood if it was an accident and the person had lost control and had come to us apologising. But they just drove away.”

The family have now been looking to rebuild the whole the wall and it may cost up to £10,000 - with the house insurance only covering the damaged section.

To make matters worse, after this was reported to the police, the husband and wife were told on July 9 the police would not be taking any further action due to insufficient evidence.

The pensioner said: “You could understand if they didn’t have any evidence. But you can see the car and perhaps the police could try to see if they find what car it is.”

A Hampshire Constabulary spokesperson said: “Officers on the local Neighbourhood Policing Team are investigating the incident and will be reviewing all the available evidence, including any CCTV.

“As part of this, they will also be visiting the victim to offer further advice and reassurance and obtain any further details.”