FED up university lecturers marched through the streets yesterday in a walk-out over pay.

The strike, which is the second of three planned walk-outs, saw staff grab their placards, drums and megaphones outside the University of Winchester’s King Alfred Campus.

It comes after it was announced in December that the university’s vice chancellor, Joy Carter, would receive a £28,000 a year pay rise, or 12.6 per cent.

Lecturers however, were offered a one per cent rise which they say amounts to a 13 per cent cut in their salaries since 2008.

Simon Boxley, University and College Union branch secretary, said lecturers had hoped that after the first walk-out on January 23, more would be done to accommodate negotiations.

He said: “We had hoped not to be here again and that after our first strike we would get our employers around the negotiation table.

“We know the money is there, but it is not being invested in the people who benefit the students most.

“We have more tricks up our sleeves, and we will strike again. We don’t want to but we will if we have to.”