Recent legislation means parents who take their children on holiday during term time risk a hefty fine.

But a couple from Bishop’s Waltham have a neat solution.

Andrew and Wendy Pace, of Edington Close, are still headed for warmer climes, but their children, Katie, 11, and Toby, 7, won’t miss out on their classes.

While their parents take in the sights, the youngsters will be at the local school – in Tanzania.

It’ll be a far cry from Kings’ School, Winchester, and Colden Common Primary.

Mr Pace, 41, said: “They are so excited about the whole thing. They are going to go to the school every day and it will be interesting for them, and for the children there.

“Taking your kids out during term time is generally frowned upon, but we’ve got around it by making sure they are at school all week.”

But Andrew, an air traffic controller at Swanwick, won’t exactly be putting his feet up either. In fact, none of the Paces will.

The family are visiting Andrew’s parents, Tony and Sue, from Northamptonshire, who are in the East African republic building a new school.

They need £13,500 to complete it, including a science facility and accommodation for the teacher.

Andrew, a member of Eastleigh Running Club, will take on the Kilimanjaro Marathon to help raise the money and is currently clocking up 100 miles a week in training.

His father Tony said: “The whole family is coming out to celebrate my 70th birthday, so Andrew decided to do the marathon while he’s here. It’s great.”

The family leave for Africa on February 15.  To donate, contact Andrew Pace on