“I cannot live in these conditions, I can barely breathe.”

Those are the words of a Hampshire woman who lives in a mouldy flat and claims it is exacerbating her health problems.

Large black spots of mould can be found in every corner and on every wall of Sarah Jane Sawyer’s two-bedroom flat in Waterman’s Lane, Dibden Purlieu.

The problem has meant that Sarah, a 49-year-old mum-of-two, has had to throw away cherished photos and clothes and it has triggered an increase in her asthma attacks.

She told the Daily Echo how her 29-year-old son, Charlie, who suffers from ADHD, Tourette’s Syndrome and other learning difficulties, has had to move and lives with her daughter because the mould was making him ill.

Sarah originally moved into the flat in October with her husband Paul, 44, after being rehomed by New Forest District Council.

The couple say they have done everything to try to remove the mould but it keeps coming back.

She said: “The smell is awful – we have to have the windows open all the time.

“I am worried that I am going to end up in hospital because of it, because my asthma is getting so bad, I just feel trapped here.

“It is making me feel very down. I can’t sleep properly and I can barely breathe at the moment.”

Sarah’s GP from the Waterfront and Solent surgery in Hythe has also written to New Forest District Council.

Her plight comes after the Daily Echo revealed last month how a Southampton couple were living in a house with mould growing in all corners.

Colin Simpson and his wife – whose three-year-old son Zachary developed asthma – said their one-bedroom flat in Tangmere Drive, Lordshill, was unliveable.

Housing bosses from Western Challenge have since agreed to rehouse them.

In a statement, New Forest District Council said that Sarah was given priority status to be rehomed – but because of the amount of other households on their waiting list they are unable to re-house her at this time.

A statement from the council added that a recent inspection of the property found that the problem was due to condensation and bad ventilation. Inspectors will now visit the flat again in coming days.