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Runners brought a warm glow to Southampton Common last night.

The Glow in the Park event is a series of winter evening 5k and 10k runs with a fluorescent twist.

Families and friends put on their flashiest hi-viz gear and carried glow sticks to discover Southampton at night.

It's an event which has been taking over parklands throughout the UK and offers a safe environment to run in the dark.

A spokeswoman for the event said: “More than 400 people took part which is our biggest turnout yet.

“It was a great atmosphere, we have always seen it as a family friendly event and a bit of fun with everyone dressing up, lots of children were there and people running with their dogs.

“The Rose Road association had a group of 30 runners raising money for their charity as well and some children with mild disabilities joined them which was lovely.”

The Daily Echo backed the event as part of the 'Staying Alive' campaign, which urges people to take active steps to improve their diet and fitness and prevent the likelihood of a premature death.