AS the wife of globe-trotting adventurer Rhys Jones, she was growing a little tired of sitting at home while her husband had all the fun.

So Laura Jones, 25, jumped at the chance when 27-year-old Rhys asked her to join him on his latest expedition.

For the first time Laura will be at her husband’s side as he leaves civilisation behind and tackles some of the toughest terrain imaginable.

The couple aim to conquer the three highest mountains in the Arctic Circle before embarking on the first ever ascent of an unclimbed peak – so little is known about it, it has yet to be named.

With temperatures expected to plunge as low as -40C, Rhys and Laura say their bodies will be pushed to the limit.

Rhys, formerly of Bartley in the New Forest and now living in Dubai, admitted that the trip could go “very well or very wrong”.

He added: “I think Laura got sick of waving me off on trips so over dinner one night I just said I want to do this Arctic challenge and I want you to be there with me.

“Her reaction was priceless – she just said ‘yes’ instantly.”

The two-week expedition will start on May 14, when the couple will head to Iceland before flying to the foot of a glacier in Greenland.

They and fellow climber Simon Yates will begin by tackling the highest peak in the Arctic, the 3,693m Mount Gunnbjornsfjeld.

The trio have also set their sights on Mount Dome (3,682m) and Mount Cone (3,669m) as well as the so far unclimbed and unnamed peak.

Rhys has an impressive track record when it comes to tackling extreme conditions in far flung corners of the globe.

In 2006 he entered the record books after becoming the youngest person to scale the highest peaks on all seven continents, including Mount Everest.

Rhys and Laura, who work for RJ7 Expeditions and Camps International, which specialises in adventure travel for students, will have to carry all their own equipment during their Arctic adventure.

They will also have to wear what they describe as “not so comfortable” boots, with each pair weighing a hefty 2kg each.

Rhys said: “Those boots are a bit of a nightmare and Laura is prone to blisters, so we’ll have to make sure they are tailored perfectly to her feet before we set off.”

Laura echoed her husband’s fears as she described the couple’s intensive training programme.

She said: “We have been spending a lot of our time at our local gym and even get the welcoming ‘hello Mr and Mrs Jones’ every time we walk through reception, a true sign we are there too much.”

Laura said she and her husband had spent two hours at a specialist boot fitter.

She added: “Apparently I have strange feet, which explains my years of blisters.

“They worked on my boots until they were perfect. After all I am going to be spending 14 days in them!”