MORE than 200 protestors have brought Southampton to a standstill tonight in a protest over the Gaza crisis.

Campaigners from across Hampshire marched through the city centre in protest of the escalating conflict in the Middle East.

Daily Echo:

They gathered outside the Civic Centre waving placards and banners protesting against the Gaza crisis which has led to the deaths of hundreds of people.

Since last week Israel has been bombing sites in the Palestinian province in retaliation to rocket attacks on their citizens.

The chant of “Free Palestine” rang out as Members of the Islamic community, students and other community groups crowded outside the civic centre before marching to the BBC offices in Havelock Road. They then turned around and marched into the city centre where they stopped outside WestQuay shopping centre before bemused shoppers.

Daily Echo:

The rally was organised by the Southampton branch of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign. it was overseen by three police officers who were standing by to ensure there was no trouble.

Daily Echo:

Jon Ellis, who helped organiser the protest, said: “We are protesting against the current level of extreme violence against a peaceful civilian population.”

Dishi Phangurha, 35, from Newtown, is the sister of Del Singh, the Southampton politician killed in a bomb blast in Afghanistan. She said: “My brother was a huge supporter of Palestine.

“I am partly here for him, I'm partly here for the cause. I don't think people know what the real issue is - it's people's human rights.”