IT’S nothing like what you learned in school.

This show is a whistlestop tour of British history, with all the bloodiest bits left in.

Like a rollercoaster, it takes your breath away as you race through 25 centuries of giggles, guts and gore.

And what a story it is – told through dreadful puns, ribald songs and wonderful over-acting.

There is even a chance to don the 3D glasses, which made the second half of the show an even greater spectacle (pun very much intended).

Characters like Boudicca, Richard the Lionheart, Guy Fawkes and Dick Turpin come and go in a blur of costume changes and parodies of TV’s top shows such as The Only Way Is Essex and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

At times it is hard to believe it is all being done by a cast of just four people, give or take some special effects, but their high-energy brilliance is mesmerising.

All the best elements of pantomime are thrown in – singalong, actions, dividing the audience in two for a singing competition and plenty of cheering and booing.

The children loved it – including my boys, aged 12 and eight.

The adults seemed pretty happy too.

Personal highlights were the puppet Henry VIII sketch and a hilarious rap performed by Victoria and Albert of all people.

If your family are already fans of the TV series, don’t miss it. If they’re not, go and get converted.