A HAMPSHIRE Islamic Society has been praised for its hard work in fostering excellent relations across Southampton’s student community.

In a year when they have been raising thousands of pounds for poverty-stricken people across the world, the Islamic Society of Southampton was rewarded by the Federation of Southern Islamic Students (FOSIS) for its community work in the south.

President of the society, Hisham Alghandi, was handed the award by the chairman of the federation’s southern branch, Mohammed Fageehi, at a ceremony at Southampton Solent University at the weekend.

Hisham said he was delighted when his society’s name was read out, recognising it for developing relations with mosques in Southampton and the wider community. He said: “It was a surprise on the night. It shows that we are fostering good relations in the community in this town.

“I don’t know the exact number of people who are part of the society but there are several hundred who regularly attend our prayer meetings on Friday, and there must be many more who are part of a good community in Southampton.”

Throughout the past year the society has held many seminars on Islam and fundraising quizzes for people in poverty-stricken parts of the world, including war-torn Syria and the Philippines.

Over the past year they have raised more than £15,000 for people struggling with poverty across the world.

As well as being recognised for fostering excellent relations in the community, the group was also praised for its Islamic Awareness Week, in March, and also in inviting new members to join them.