WHEN she planned her dream wedding bride-to-be Jenny Honiatt hadn’t banked on a crowd of 10,000 to see her off.

But that is exactly what is in store for Jenny, who accidently chose to tie the knot on the same day as the annual Watercress Festival in her home town of Alresford – which will be taking place right outside her front door this Sunday.

While Broad Street heaves with festival-goers a few feet away the 24-yearold will be donning her white gown and memorising her vows.

But the commotion outside won’t stop her from “getting to the church on time” – festival organisers have booked for her to take a trip through the crowds in a swanky Rolls Royce, led by the Morris Men who will open the festival.

Once safely through she will swap into her official wedding vehicle and head for the Norton Park Hotel in Sutton Scotney, where she will become 26-year-old Dave Crockford’s wife.

The Dolly Daydreams shop manager said she and Dave were shocked when they realised they had picked the day of the Watercress Festival to get married.

Jenny said: “It will be quite a big family thing.

“I’m very excited about going in the Rolls Royce and very grateful to them doing it for me because we were thinking I don’t know how to get out [of the town] with the festival going on.

“It was actually Dave’s dad that suddenly said: ‘Do you realise what day you have chosen’ and we suddenly realised it was the Watercress Festival on the same day.”

One of the festival organisers, Kate Savage, said the bride-to-be had called the committee concerned she wouldn’t make it to her wedding.

Kate said: “The organising committee decided it would be nice to make a big day of it for her so that she can get nicely through the streets instead of walking through crowds of people in her wedding dress!”

The couple met through mutual friends at a house party three-and-a-half years ago, though Jenny admits it was no fairytale.

“He was a friend of my brothers and he had a house party and we started talking.

It wasn’t exactly romantic – I got a little too drunk and wrote my number on his jeans!”

They made up for it, though, with Tesco worker Dave popping the question on Jenny’s 24th birthday whilst on holiday with family in the Forest of Dean, Wales, last May.

The couple will wed the day after Jenny’s 25th birthday, almost exactly a year on, and will honeymoon at the same spot in Wales.