A CROWD of hundreds flocked to Guildhall Square to see a series of jaw-dropping diving stunts as part of a spectacular finale to the Commonwealth Baton events.

Daily Echo:

Southampton's Olympic and Commonwealth medal-winning diver Pete Waterfield was among the team wowing the crowds with dives of up to 25metres.

The event, which started with the city's baton bearers being unveiled to a cheering crowd, provided a fitting end to the day's events.

Alongside retired Team GB star Mr Waterfield, there was a team from Britain's Got Talent stars La Quebrada, who added to the drama by adding fire to the stunts.

Daily Echo:

One of them kicked off the diving spectacle by setting themselves on fire and diving into the specially-created pool.

And then Mr Waterfield climbed to the very top of the 25metre tall platform to perform a dive at more than twice the height of his preferred 10metre platforms.

Daily Echo:

And to the delight of the crowd he was followed by a member of La Quebrada who, carrying two flaming batons, also hurled themselves off the top of the platform.

The event also featured a number of other attractions and children's activities, while city clubs and groups were on hand to talk to residents about how to get involved in sports in the city.