The trees at Botley Road cemetery are an important part of the Romsey skyline and this week the public will have a chance to find out more about them.

The Friends of the Cemetery are conducting an hour-long walk on Thursday starting at 6.30pm. Walkers will meet by the upper gate and look at the many trees in the cemetery, including several types of yew, and cypress, the towering cedars of Lebanon and the unique monkey puzzle tree near the lodge house.

Trees in the old part of the cemetery were planted about 150 years ago and those in the newer part more than 100 years ago.

Most are evergreens, which was the Victorian way of showing continuing life in the midst of death.

Recently the Friends have been labelling the trees – a job that is not yet finished. The labels have English and Latin names, the Test Valley catalogue number and a QR code so that people with Smartphones can find out more about that species of tree.