A sparkling piece of jewellery will be going on auction to raise money for a Southampton charity.

This 18 carat gold sapphire and diamond pendant could raise vital funds to help integrate Polish migrants into the community.

The necklace was donated to SOS Polonia as they approach celebrations for the tenth anniversary of Poland becoming part of the European Union.

Swag Jewellery in London is supporting the charity and hope the necklace will lift people’s hearts.

Barbara Storey from SOS Polonia said: “This piece of jewellery is a precious symbol of support. The auction online is a fun way of attracting a much larger audience to our charity.

“It was very moving and kind that Swag donated this necklace, especially in the recent social climate where there are heated debates about migrants.

She added: “This is not just about fundraising, it’s about heart-lifting – this money will go towards teaching people English and helping them become proud, active members of the community.”

SOS Polonia is a charity which works to equip EU migrants with the knowledge and skills they need to work in Southampton and provides a safe space for people to drop in.

Bids for the necklace will start at £50 on the charity’s website.

Anyone interested in taking part in the auction should contact info@sospolonia.net and a member of staff will explain how to enter.