THE brother of a man killed in a Southampton alley has been convicted of child neglect after a toddler fell from a first floor window of a home.

Southampton magistrates heard how David Wyeth had been caring for the child but had been cooking a meal when it fell out of a window.

A passing neighbour then found the child and buzzed on his intercom to tell him what had happened.

But the court heard how it would be at least seven minutes until his partner returned home and an ambulance was called.

Fortunately the child was only left with bruises having landed on his bottom – however, following the incident, police pressed charges.

Wyeth, 25, of Glen Road, Woolston, Southampton, pleaded guiltily to wilfully ill-treating, neglecting, abandoning or exposing a child in a manner likely to cause him unnecessary suffering or injury to health.

Natalie Rawson, defending, said at the time he had just experienced the trial surrounding the killing of his big brother Kevin Wyeth, below.

Daily Echo: Kevin Wyeth.

As previously reported, Kevin was fatally assaulted by a cage fighter Damon Wright in an alley in Woolston. Wright was found guilty of manslaughter.

Ms Rawson said: “His family have had to go through that and he was supporting his parents, who at the time were obviously grieving at this time for their son.

“It was a single incident where he was taken off guard.

“It was an extremely unfortunate set of circumstances that happened which Mr Wyeth regrets and will regret for a long time,” she added.

The court heard how Wyeth had no previous convictions surrounding ill treating or neglecting a child.

Magistrates ordered that Wyeth carry out 60 hours’ unpaid work in the community, a community order with supervision requirement of 18 months and he was told to pay £85 costs.