Southampton parents have set up a fund to create a new area for grieving families to remember lost babies.

But parents Cheryl and Stuart Keal say Southampton's existing Baby Remembrance Garden is not enough and have set up a fund to create a special new area for families to remember their lost children with a central feature, benches and an archway leading into it.

Cheryl and Stuart decided to launch the fund after losing one of their twins, Daisy, while Cheryl was 20 weeks pregnant.

Her ashes were scattered by bereavement workers at the garden at Southampton Crematorium in Bassett Green Road last spring.

But when the Woolston couple went to pay their respects they were unable to find the garden as there are no signs it was anything more than a plain patch of grass.

Now, with the support of their friends, they have begun raising money to develop a new and improved plot for other bereaved families.

Cheryl, 35, a University of Southampton careers advisor said: “I couldn’t bring myself to go for ages and the first time we went we couldn’t find anything.

“It was really hard because we didn’t know where she was. You feel you have abandoned them somewhere.

“Then, when we did find it my husband and I didn’t think it was enough.

“We decided to start raising money to improve it at the beginning of the year and we launched the fund in June.

“We wanted to do it so we have somewhere special to go, otherwise there’s nothing.

“If you can try and make that a little bit easier for people then that’s why it needs to be done.

“It has to include the whole family, it’s not just for parents because you might have other children.”

Cheryl and Stuart, 43, who makes stained glass windows, hope the garden will be somewhere they can spend time remembering Daisy, along with her surviving twin Annabel, 17 months, and four-year-old brother Reuben.

They already have a number of events lined up to help meet their £10,000 fundraising target including bake sales, quiz nights and marathons.

There will also be an autumn fete at Woolston Community Centre from 11am until 2pm on September 20.

More information about the fund is available at babymemorial1.