JUST six weeks ago she was celebrating the news that she and her family had been waiting for.

Despite being diagnosed with breast cancer just before Christmas, young mum Joanne Craddock had kicked it into touch.

After six months of intensive treatment, the 30-year-old from Southampton was looking forward to getting her normal family life back and was busy making plans for her son's first birthday.

Daily Echo:

Jo and son Ryan with her sister Hayley and brother Paul

But in a tragic twist of fate, it was the devastating effects of the treatment to send the disease into remission that left her body exhausted and no longer able to cope.

Her sudden and unexpected death has devastated her heartbroken family and friends who have paid tribute to the courageous mum-of-three.

Jo, who grew up in Sholing after moving with her family from Canada, was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer - one of the most aggressive forms of the disease - in December, after she struggled to breastfeed her third child Max, born in September.

At first her concerns were dismissed as just blocked milk ducts but knowing her own body, she persisted with doctors and she got the news she had feared.

What had started as a thumbnail-sized tumour had quickly grown to the size of a fist and oncology specialists at Southampton General Hospital, who her family have praised, along with staff on ward D3, for their care and support, took swift action.

Within days she was having chemotherapy, the start of an intensive seven months of treatment that included a mastectomy of her right breast.

But it didn't dampen the spirits of the former Sholing Girls' School and Itchen College pupil, known for always smiling no matter his tough it got.

Instead she remained determined to focus on her three young children, Max, 11-months, Ryan, three and Danielle, five, with help from her family including, her “rock”, cousin Tracy Alani.

In June she got the news that she had been fighting for and she couldn't wait to tell all those who had been supporting her - she was in remission.

But sadly her fight was not over and after being admitted to hospital on Tuesday, she passed away the following day with her soul mate and partner of 16 years, Marc Doncom, by her side.

The shock of her death has shattered her family and friends, who like Jo, were completely unaware that her body was shutting down.

Daily Echo:

Jo with baby Max, born last September

Her younger sister Hayley, 28, who spent the previous night in hospital with Jo chatting about plans for Max's first birthday, said: “We can take comfort in the fact that she never knew how bad it was. At least she wasn't scared that this was the end.

“Throughout all of her treatment she was never scared, she was always so positive, determined to crack on without any fuss. She was a huge inspiration.

“She had won her battle with cancer and that was a massive achievement for her. The after effects of the treatment had just put her body through so much and that is what is so sad. She was so close to getting her normal life back.

“She was always caring about other people and even when she was diagnosed, she was more concerned about raising awareness so that others made sure they got checked and were not scared of getting a second opinion.

“She was a natural mother and we are so glad that she had the family she had always wanted and she will live on in them.

She added: “Marc's biggest fear is that the children will forget her but we won't let that happen. We will talk about her all the time, show them photos and make sure we teach them everything not necessarily the right way but Jo's way.”

Daily Echo:

Jo on a skydive

Her younger brother Paul, 26, who is getting married in seven weeks and will be leaving a seat empty for Jo, added: “She didn't have a single down day. She never complained, she always had a smile on her face.

“The world has lost an amazingly strong sister, daughter and mother.”