IT’S the biggest rock music festival in the world attracting 200,000 with a world wide TV audience of millions.

And this weekend a group of Southampton students are to play a key role in the production of the Glastonbury Festival.

Yesterday the event hit the headlines when organisers issued a stay away warning to festival goers on their way after the site became waterlogged.

This year Southampton popstar Craig David will be taking to the stage on Sunday night.

He will join groups Muse, Coldplay, Cyndi Lauper, ZZ Top, as well as Adele performing over the weekend.

Among those helping with production of the festival is a group of 35 students Southampton Solent University film-makers.

It is the 12th year running that a student film crew from the university has attended the festival.

Georgia Constantinou, 23, who is production coordinator with the crew said: “The conditions are muddy and wet but bearable. 

“There isn’t all that much rain anymore so, although wellies are a must, who knows as the weekend continues it may dry out a bit – we live in hope.” 

This year the film crew will be touring the site getting festival-goer’s perspective on today’s EU referendum. 

The crew will be asking people whether they’ve made their postal vote, how they’ve voted and why. They’ll even be interviewing labour leader Jeremy Corbyn at the Left Field on Sunday, for distribution to press agencies and broadcasters around the world.

Students film everything from politics and poetry in Left Field to superstar performances on the main stage and the occasional wedding proposal.

Since 2004, Solent’s students and staff have been delivering technical support, film and creative content to the festival and news outlets. 

This year the Solent team will be a key part of producing and packaging footage for delivery to everyone from Channel 4, international news agencies and South Korean TV.

The students will be focusing on the Green Fields, Left Field and the Silver Hayes dance area, helping bring less well-known areas to TV audiences.

On Friday, a six-camera team from Solent will be filming grime artists on the Sonic stage, including MOBO award-winner Kano, for a Saturday-night BBC 2 documentary.