A CREATIVE agency in Hampshire has won the contract to design the new look packaging for a leading snoring relief product.

Snoreeze packs bearing Eastleigh-based White Communications Group’s design are now being shipped to stores on high streets across the UK and Europe.

White designed packs for the entire Snoreeze range as well as a point of sale visual materials, the centrepiece of the brand’s relaunch.

It’s the latest major pharmaceutical brand packaging contract won by the Leigh Road agency, with infant medicine Calpol and smoking cessation brand Nicorette also on its client list.

White managing director Nick Burgoyne said: “This was a challenging project for the team, to identify with the target audience of women in their late 30s to 60s and produce a pack that not only they would buy, but would be accepted and used by their male partners.

“It’s exciting to be asked to rejuvenate such a well-known high street brand and I’m proud White has an industry reputation that means we’re regularly entrusted with these projects.”