JULIAN Fellowes' drama about the sinking of Southampton's most infamous ship aired last night - but what did you make of it?

Described by some as Downton-on-sea, the first episode of the four part drama has garnered mixed reviews so far.

The Daily Telegraph described last night's hour-long show as a damp squib, but promised things get much better in the second part, which will be aired on ITV1 next Sunday.

The Huffington Post laments the fact the audience is introduced to so many characters, preventing any time to develop an emotional bond with them before the ship ploughs into the iceberg, less than half-an-hour in.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail gushes about Fellowes' work, comparing it at every turn to his other Edwardian drama, Downton Abbey.

Viewers would have been confused by the decision to begin sinking the vessel just 30 minutes in, says The Independent, until it is revealed at the end of the show that the upcoming episodes will tell the story from the vantage of the second and third class passengers, rather than the first-class centric view of the disaster offered last night.

So what did you think? Was it too slow or did the pacing provide a gentle introduction? Perhaps you were frustrated by only seeing the smallest glimpses of the vessel or even Southampton itself.

If you missed it, you can watch it now on the ITV Player.

Leave your comments below - and whether or not you will continue to watch next week.

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